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Nation Forward is a network of devoted individuals in Southeast PA. Find a local group or create a group in your area.

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Uniting Local Action for Big Change

Nation Forward is a hub for local groups to share ideas with each other and to create change both locally and nationwide.  We are a resource for groups who are determined to resist and persevere.

The 2016 election rocked many of us to our core. We are brought together in our belief that we cannot sit idly by when the basic principles of our nation are at risk.  Join us in moving forward on important issues in our counties, our states, our nation and our world. Join us as we resist corruption, prejudice and oppression by our government.

Together we have a voice that can not be ignored.


Together we move forward

We know there are many groups out there doing excellent research and building the movement. We are open to sharing information and action alerts from other groups. Please email us at and we will figure out how to work together.